Services for persons with developmental disabilities across the nation and in Central Ohio began over 150 years ago. The Franklin County community began serving individuals with developmental disabilities in 1951. This county board has a long history of partnering and collaborating with multiple agencies in the Franklin County community. The agency is committed to "Helping people to live, learn and work in our community"; and currently collaborates with over 100 different agencies in Franklin County to provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Home Visitation

In 1958, home visitation started after the first Center Based program was established.  

Expanded Locations

The FCBDD Early Childhood Programs expanded locations to 21 infant, toddler and preschool classes in 14 churches throughout the Franklin County community. In 1981, the programs regionalized into two buildings in Franklin County.

Community Settings

In 1985, the FCBDD Early Childhood Programs began to partner in community settings with children who develop typically. Programs were initiated with Head Start, local school districts, and community early childhood preschool settings.


In 1991, ECLC piloted a fully inclusive program with a community preschool and Head Start.  This center continues to operate with the same Head Start agency with over 200 children enrolled.

Early Learning Expansion

In September 2001, ECEFC opened in partnership with 5 public and private agencies.  This center continues to provide quality service and diverse opportunities to hundreds of children each day.  
To children and families seeking lifelong memories in a nurturing and well supported environment...welcome home!

Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities