The Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities Bridge Program is a service provided to families in Franklin County who have a child or children, who are birth through 3 years who meet eligibility for Part C Services.  The Bridge Program coaches families and provides strategies and tools to support their specialized service needs.  

Bridge Services are delivered in a community setting where families are schedule for meetings.  The families have access to a full team of specialists who are on site.  These face-face services last for up to 1 hour with a frequency that meets the needs of the child and family.  

Bridge meets on scheduled days of the week and services are available between 8:30-4:00, Monday-Friday.  


Services are offered between 8:30-4:00; Monday-Friday…Learn More

To children and families seeking lifelong memories in a nurturing and well supported environment...welcome home!

Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities