Professional Development

Learning opportunities for educators working with the children and families enrolled in our programs are ongoing.  A variety of professional development opportunities are provided to staff including formal coursework, workshops/in-services and informal learning.

We continue to build communities of best practice for staff who share an interest, concern and passion for improving their skills and knowledge. The benefits of professional development on staff are varied. They can include being aware of and responding to research and trends within the field to increasing teacher effectiveness and can add energy and enthusiasm to the work we do each day.  The importance of establishing non-negotiables with staff provides a window into our beliefs and expectations.

Staff participate in professional opportunities, return to the workplace and cross-train colleagues. Teaching teams can also offer peer support and knowledge to one another in an informal manner, as well as opportunities for teacher reflection. Speakers from local, state and national networks provide education and support from various perspectives.

Quality professional development opportunities support and sustain the quality care and education provided by licensed and certified staff to families and their children.