Our Story

The first home Visitor Program was established in Franklin County in August, 1958. There were 20 children receiving services in the first year. Currently the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities (FCBDD) enrolls over 600 children at a time.

Teaching staff formerly referred to as Home Based Trainers are currently licensed as Early Intervention Specialists. The Home Based Trainers were the sole provider of service when the program was established.  Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapists were not providing support services to the teachers at that time.

In the mid-80’s teams were formed to support services in the home. This was the beginning of what is now referred to as Coaching.

What is Coaching?

It is the process of cross-training families and professionals who work together to meet common expectations. The family identifies for the specialist their support needs. The specialist(s) provides strategies and demonstration. Families strive for competence and confidence in the delivery of service for their child.

What are we doing now?

We identify with families and the Help Me Grow, HMG Service Coordinators the services that are the best fit for the family’s needs. This meeting occurs at the HMG Central site and program options that can be provided to them by the FCBDD are presented by a team of specialists representing the Board. The licensed early intervention specialists provide this information.

For the families who choose to receive services in the home they will be contacted by the staff who will deliver the service. A primary service provider will be identified and the primary service provider will be supported by a transdisciplinary team. The family will have access to this team.

Family outcomes are developed in the Individual Family Service Plan, a child and family driven document. Program Planning goals and objectives to support the outcomes, are developed by the service provider with input from the family and team.  The curriculum is reflective of the family routines and daily activities. Families are coached and cross-trained to feel confident and competent to affect change in their child’s development within the context of their daily schedules. Coaching support by a licensed early intervention specialized service provider is given to children and families based upon their needs.