We believe that children and their families learn best along side one another when given opportunities for meaningful learning experiences.  These experiences are authentic and include the use of natural resources and the support of caring adults.  Our philosophy supports our core values.

Our Core Values:

  • We believe our work is defined by the characteristics, uniqueness, needs and promise of the children and families we serve
  • We believe with appropriate support and assistance, all children and families are learners
  • We believe that identifying strengths as a starting point, and working toward potentials is a right of all children and adults
  • We believe in building inclusive communities of child and adult learners
  • We believe relationships are central to what we do
  • We believe all people have the potential to be listeners in an atmosphere of communication, respect and trust
  • We believe our environments mirror the values, attitude, cultures and teaching practices of the cultures within them
  • We believe curriculum should be meaningful, relevant and integrated
  • We believe that only together can we provide the best for children and families
  • We believe our core values are non-negotiable.