Curriculum Methods

Through the following methods we develop approaches to teaching that influence, motivate and inspire children to learn.

Universal Design

Our work aligns with the Universal Design principles which guides schools and other institutions to serve people with a variety of learning styles, abilities, experiences and cultural backgrounds.  Universal Design allows us to provide instruction and materials which can be used by everyone .

Teaching Strategies

Our methods provide children with hands on, authentic and experience based learning.  Our practices adopt  The Creative Curriculum.

Family-centered Curriculum Programs

Our methods embrace family.  At FCBDD ECEP there are many ways we are dedicated to supporting families & their children’s unique wishes, needs and values.  Curriculum designs include the Hanen Program and the P.L.A.Y. Project.

Teaching and Learning Practices

The delivery of our services are Transdisciplinary.  Multiple professional disciplines, families and community stakeholders, train, cross-train and coach as a way to support teaching and learning.

Research-led Learning Practices

We align our work with the Ohio Department of Education Early Learning and Development Standards (Birth – K entry).

Assessment and Feedback Practices

We administer a variety of assessments that identify the learning styles of children and inform strategies to advance their learning potentials.   Child, family and professional feedback support successful teaching strategies and learning abilities.